NYK Component Solutions

NYKCS is a franchised distributor of circular connectors & accessories for Military, Aerospace and Industrial applications

Military Avionics circular connectors
Engine and Firewall circular connectors
Land Systems circular connectors
Military Aerospace circular connectors
AMETEK Interconnect Technologies | Sealtron | Hermetic Seal | Conesys | Compaero | IEH | RF Immunity | circular connectors

Connecting Products and People

NYKCS provides high quality connectors and accessories for Military, Aerospace and Industrial applications. Our extensive range of circular connectors, circuit board connectors and connector accessories fulfils the most demanding electro-mechanical requirements. In addition we also specialise in the provision of products featuring hermetic sealing and hyperboloid contacts for deployment in the harshest environments.

All products are from trusted OEM manufacturers and are fully approved thereby removing any possibility of counterfeits entering the supply chain.

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We are a franchised distributor of selected products from industry leading QPL* manufacturers including AMETEK, Conesys, Compaero, IEH and RF Immunity. NYKCS is constantly expanding its quality supply base to ensure an extensive range of components. As a result we are able to fully meet our customers current and future requirements for approved interconnect products.

NYKCS has an unbiased position and is therefore able to select the very best solutions for our customers. Working closely with our Associates we provide:

  • approved product supply
  • excellent customer support
  • specialist technical support

*Qualified Parts List

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We understand the complex needs of the most demanding markets for approved high performance interconnects. Consequently, on a daily basis we are able to fully service the product and scheduling requirements of our Military, Aerospace and Commercial customers. We offer:

  • OEM pricing
  • inventory management
  • JIT
  • consignment inventory solutions
  • sub-tier supplier management
  • full traceability
  • bar code kitting to stock
  • integrated procurement

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The connector market can be daunting and time-consuming to negotiate. Our aim is to remove inefficiency and ensure our customers have the best solution. Most of all we are committed to sourcing the best and most suitable interconnect products:

  • expert design guidance
  • unbiased product selection
  • flexible delivery schedule
  • full certification management

How can we supply more efficiently than an OEM?

The best answer is to compare us and let our service speak for itself. Working with NYKCS you will benefit from an experienced and knowledgeable team that will quickly become an effective extension of your own team.