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Approved to both AS9100 Rev D and AS9120 Rev B NYK Component Solutions (NYKCS) is a leading franchised distributor of electrical connectors and accessories for demanding Military, Aerospace and harsh environment Industrial applications. More information is available on our Quality page.

NYKCS works with industry leading manufacturers to provide customers with flexible access to an extensive and unbiased selection of approved interconnect products. This includes circular connectors, circuit board connectors and connector accessories to meet the complete range of electro-mechanical demands across its chosen markets.

Working from its headquarters in Durley, Hampshire, UK, NYKCS operates an Assembly Facility for MIL-DTL-38999 series III components approved to AS9100. Fully integrated with the companies quality management and order workflow system this provides customers with unrivalled access to flexible inventory of approved and certified components meeting the needs of the most complex supply chain.

  • NYKCS are approved to AS9100 and AS9120 and supply QPL approved products to the market
  • NYKCS are also fully approved and listed as an assembling distributor of MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors

AeroSpace Sector Certifcation Scheme

AeroSpace Sector Certifcation Scheme

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Meet The Team

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NYK Component Solutions
5 Mill Court, The Sawmills
Durley, SO32 2EJ
t: +44 1489 861378
e: sales@nykcs.com

Spencer Reddick Operations Manager

Spencer Reddick, Operations Manager

t: +44 1489 861529
e: spencer.reddick@nykcs.com

NYKCS staff

Peter Herbert, Business Development Director

e: peter.herbert@nykcs.com

Dougie Mercer

Dougie Mercer, Marketing Manager

e: dougie.mercer@nykcs.com

NYKCS staff

Tom Palmer, Sales Account Manager

t: +44 1489 861526
e: tom.palmer@nykcs.com

Nick Knowlton Internal Sales Account Manager

Nick Knowlton, Internal Sales Account Manager

t: +44 1489 861525
e: nick.knowlton@nykcs.com

Mary Churcher Internal Sales Account Manager

Mary Churcher, Internal Sales Account Manager

t: +44 1489 861521
e: mary.churcher@nykcs.com

NYKCS staff

Michelle Holloway, Sales Account Manager

t: +44 1489 861535
e: Michelle.Holloway@nykcs.com

Julia Reddick Financial Controller

Julia Reddick, Financial Controller

t: +44 1489 861524
e: Julia.reddick@nykcs.com

Simon George Stores and Assembly Operative

Simon George, Stores and Assembly Operative

t: +44 1489 861528
e: simon.george@nykcs.com

Ali Watts Stores and Assembly Operative

Ali Watts, Stores and Assembly Operative

t: +44 1489 861527
e: alastair.watts@nykcs.com

NYKCS staff

Ysabel Francis, Office Administrator

t: +44 1489 861522
e: ysabel.francis@nykcs.com

NYKCS staff

Karolina Deutsch, VAD Assembler

e: karolina.deutsch@nykcs.com