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Approved to both AS9100 Rev D and AS9120 Rev B NYK Component Solutions (NYKCS) is a leading franchised distributor of electrical connectors and accessories for demanding Military, Aerospace and harsh environment Industrial applications. More information is available on our Quality page.

NYKCS works with industry-leading manufacturers to provide customers with flexible access to an extensive and unbiased selection of approved interconnect products. This includes circular connectors (inc. MIL-DTL-38999, 26482, 5015, 83723, EN2997 and ESC10), circuit board connectors and connector accessories to meet the full range of electro-mechanical requirements.

Working from its headquarters in Durley, Hampshire, UK, NYKCS operates an Assembly Facility for MIL-DTL-38999 series III components approved to AS9100. Fully integrated with the companies quality management and order workflow system this provides customers with unrivalled access to a flexible inventory of approved and certified components meeting the needs of the most complex supply chain.

  • NYKCS are approved to AS9100 and AS9120 and supply QPL approved products to the market;
  • NYKCS are also fully approved and listed as an assembling distributor of MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors.

AeroSpace Sector Certifcation Scheme

AeroSpace Sector Certification Scheme

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Meet The Team

NYKCS Connector Distributor

NYK Component Solutions
5 Mill Court, The Sawmills
Durley, SO32 2EJ
t: +44 1489 861378
e: sales@nykcs.com

Spencer Reddick Operations Manager

Spencer Reddick, Operations Manager

t: +44 1489 861529
e: spencer.reddick@nykcs.com

NYKCS staff

Steve Holden, Quality Manager

e: steve.holden@nykcs.com

NYKCS staff

Peter Herbert, Business Development Director

e: peter.herbert@nykcs.com

NYK head of security

Toby Watts, Head of Security

e: toby.watts@nykcs.com

Dougie Mercer

Dougie Mercer, Marketing Manager

e: dougie.mercer@nykcs.com

jon worley digital marketing

Jon Worley, Digital Marketing

e: jon.worley@nykcs.com

tom sales account manager

Tom Palmer, Sales Account Manager

t: +44 1489 861526
e: tom.palmer@nykcs.com

Nick Knowlton Internal Sales Account Manager

Nick Knowlton, Sales Manager

t: +44 1489 861525
e: nick.knowlton@nykcs.com

Mary Churcher Internal Sales Account Manager

Mary Churcher, Sales Account Manager

t: +44 1489 861521
e: mary.churcher@nykcs.com

Ali Watts Stores and Assembly Operative

Ali Watts, Sales Account Manager

t: +44 1489 861527
e: alastair.watts@nykcs.com

Julia Reddick Financial Controller

Julia Reddick, Financial Controller

t: +44 1489 861524
e: Julia.reddick@nykcs.com

Simon George Stores and Assembly Operative

Simon George, Logistics and Purchasing Manager

t: +44 1489 861528
e: simon.george@nykcs.com

craig logistics coordinator

Craig Bridges, Logistics Coordinator

e: craig.bridges@nykcs.com

NYKCS staff

Jemma Jarvis, Logistics Coordinator

e: jemma.jarvis@nykcs.com

joanna logistics coordinator

Joanna Michalczuk, Connector Technician

e: joanna.michalczuk@nykcs.com

NYKCS staff

Jaga Maculewicz, Connector Technician

e: jaga.maculewicz@nykcs.com