Backshells with hybrid plating

Hybrid plating finish now available

A range of Circular Connector backshells and accessories with a Hybrid plating finish are now available from NYK Component Solutions. The products are manufactured by EMCA (Electro-Mechanical Components and Assemblies) GmbH and have the salt spray and electrical performance of Cadmium Olive Drab.

Hybrid back 90 degree backshell

VG approved

The black, non-reflective Hybrid plating has been tested and qualified on all EMCA products to VG 95319-1011 and VG96912. It is listed as ‘J’ finish under the VG approvals. The new finish is compatible and intermatable with Cadmium, Zinc Nickel, Zinc Cobalt and other plating’s and it, therefore, reduces the variety of finishes required.

The Hybrid plating has passed rigorous VG approvals. It has a base plating of Electroless Nickel protected by a specialised 2 layer, 2K Epoxy and black PUR coating. The coupling nut is hard anodized to achieve salt spray corrosion performance that is VG approved. This level of approval is now much harder to achieve as it requires a 5-day dynamic cycle test in place of the previous 500hrs constant salt spray test.

Shield connection and shield effectiveness have been tested and approved to VG 95319-2, test number 5.11 achieving ≤ 0.5mV drop at 1.5VDC and a current of 0.1A.

ROHS and REACH compliant

The main reason to use this innovative Hybrid plating is its ROHS and REACH compliance, it's salt spray performance and stock reduction, i.e. one backshell for all plating’s (the black colour matching the shrink boot and cable ). Plating’s such as Zinc Nickel could not be VG qualified (ZC failed the 5-day dynamic cycle test) and Zinc-Cobalt is only specified to 48 hours salt spray in VG specification.

Backshells and accessories with the Hybrid plating are already in use by well-known companies, such as General Dynamics, BOEING Defense, THALES, Rheinmetall, KMW and Caterpillar. For more information please contact the team today.