High Current, High Mating Cycles, Hyperboloid Contacts for D38999

UK Franchise NYK Component Solutions the “Trusted Interconnect Solutions” provider has the exclusive UK franchise to distribute products for IEH Corporation, the global leader in design and manufacture of hyperboloid contacts and connectors. Up-rate performance with Hyperboloid Contacts Many harsh environment interconnect problems can be addressed by employing the use of military specified connectors such…

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Filtered MIL-DTL-38999 III Connectors

EMI/RFI filtered connectors by RF Immunity are available from NYK Component Solutions. These products cover diverse forms of EMI/RFI filtering including filtered connectors, single line, multi-channel configurations, transient protection, and protection for power supply systems. Placing great emphasise on the design and manufacture of customer specific protection solutions to electro-magnetic and radio frequency threats and…

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Electro-Optic Copper to Fiber Converter

Electro-Optic copper to fiber converters based on D38999 III connectors are now available from NYK Component Solutions. The OPSYS-Tech ACON range from RF Immunity provides a secure data link between ground stations by converting copper signals to Fiber Optic. Military customers have chosen the ACON as the solution to achieve an Ethernet bi-directional link (1Gb/s)…

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