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Contact the team at NYK Component Solutions today. We have years of experience in the interconnect component industry and we are unbiased in our selection of products and services. Our processes are rigorous and your solution, quotation and orders will be dealt with quickly, efficiently and in a friendly manner.

At NYKCS, we strive to be the most professional and responsive Sales and Customer Service organisation in our industry. We will add value to our customers through outstanding customer service, knowledge and expertise, solving customer problems and developing innovative lean supply chain solutions. We will also provide value-added assembly for maximum supply chain flexibility and availability, and by optimisation of cost and performance recommendations.

Customers receive one quote, providing the best value and delivery time for the whole order. NYKCS can also provide alternatives for urgent or price sensitive orders. To maximise efficiency for our customers we also offer the capability to automate the link between our RFQ platform and the customer’s system. This enables NYKCS to provide the customer with:

  • Fast quote turnaround on our complete electrical/electro- mechanical portfolio
  • Flexibility and optimisation
  • Excellent price and delivery
  • Part number and technical data accuracy
  • Transparency and traceability of customer RFQs and status
  • Extensive market reach and product supply


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