Hyperboloid Contacts?

What are they and when should we use them?

Many harsh environment interconnect problems can be addressed by employing the use of ruggedly constructed connectors. This is normally achieved by heavy duty coupling systems and bodies constructed and appropriately plated to withstand harsh environments.But sometimes, as is the case with extreme shock and vibration, the contacts need to deliver ensured signal stability without reliance on packaging protection. It is in these circumstances that the end user should take into consideration the design and benefits of the contacts within the connector. We may have to consider in such extreme circumstances moving away from traditional pin and socket designs and exploit a connector with a contact specifically designed to withstand the most extreme physical demands.NYK Component Solutions interview Dave Offerman, Vice President at IEH Corporation, who gives us the heads-up about hyperboloid contacts and tell us when they should be considered as part of your interconnect solution. Read the full article here